The Clube Automóvel do Minho – CAM is a non-profit, public benefit motorsport organization based in the Minho region of Braga, Portugal. Founded several decades ago, the club aims to promote and develop motorsport in the region, providing local enthusiasts and drivers with a platform to get involved and enjoy the automotive world.

The organization is responsible for holding rally events, circuit races, ramps, such as the Rampa Internacional da Falperra, and other types of events throughout the year. These competitions attract participants from all over the country, as well as from abroad, which contributes to promoting the region and boosting the local economy.

Another important area of activity is the promotion of charity events and social actions, using motorsport as a platform to raise funds and awareness of important issues such as social responsibility, the environment and sustainability. The club is also involved in traffic education projects aimed at promoting road safety and awareness of traffic regulations.

The Falperra International Hillclimb is a mountain motor racing event that takes place in Portugal in the city of Braga and is part of the calendar of races on the national circuit and the European mountain circuit. It is an event with a long tradition, since it was first organized in 1927. It is currently the fastest ramp in Europe. The course is 5.2 kilometers long and climbs 262 meters. It is acclaimed by the public and considered mythical by the drivers. It’s an attraction for all ages. Generation after generation of families flock to the ramp.

Here’s the video of the inauguration of the Clube Automóvel do Minho. RTP archives

There are more than 250,000 people present on the days of the event

Thousands more watch the live broadcast on TV, radio, the internet, live streaming and various social media. At the last event, CMTV had an average live audience of 150,000 viewers per minute on Sunday. The streaming audience on Saturday was 80,000 and on Sunday 90,000 viewers. The event is organized by the Clube Automóvel do Minho – CAM, in cooperation with the Portuguese Automobile and Karting Federation – FPAK, the International Automobile Federation – FIA, Braga City Council, and other important institutional partners.